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Amazonite Moon Mala Necklace

Amazonite Moon Mala Necklace


This mala style necklace features amazonite beads, a suede tassel and a moon charm. Amazonite is a gemstone associated with other astral planes. This piece also features a moon charm to remind you of the feminine lunar energies.

» Amazonite allows you to connect to an otherworldly realm so you may find your inner truth. 
» The moon holds an important symbolism in most spiritual practices. Representative of the feminine energy, the moon holds powers that many desire to tap in to. It also represents the cyclical nature of time
» Mala are used to aid meditation, with each bead being used as a marker for saying a mantra
» This mala is made with 108 beads, as 108 is a sacred number with many symbolisms
» Some people wear their mala to keep their their spirituality close to their heart


» Amazonite beads
» Wood beads
» Suede Tassel
» Moon Charm
» Beading string
» Necklace measures around 30 inches, generally hitting mid body

Healing crystal meanings are meant as spiritual supports and should not take the place of prescriptions or formal healthcare information.

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